Student Teacher Testimonials

‘To my Kinderen Whānau, Thank you for all the support and learning over the year. I will miss you all very much!’

– Hayley

‘To the staff at Kinderen Baby Centre, It has been great working with all of you. Thanks for all of your support, advice and knowledge that you have shared with me during my time here.’

– Brittany

‘To all the teachers and Staff at Kinderen, Thank you for your Kindness and making me feel so welcome in your centre. I had a really awesome time and I will miss the children lots!’

– Hannah

‘Thank you to all Kinderen staff for your support over the last three weeks. I have really enjoyed my time I have spent here and I am sad to be leaving. I envy the knowledge you all hold and appreciate what you have shared with me. Thank you once again.’

– Greer

‘To the team at Kinderen 66, It’s has been a pleasure to work alongside you these past four weeks. Thanks so much for supporting me and teaching me so much. I have had a blast! I couldn’t have done it without you all. Thanks a million!‘

– Erin

‘Nicola, I just wanted you to know I appreciate all your help and guidance during my teaching practice here at Kinderen. You have been an instrumental part of my professional development over the past four weeks. Thank you for having me and helping me grow as a teacher.’

– Lee