Parent Testimonials

‘What Kinderen means to me and my family…A while ago I read a beautiful piece of writing by Diane about Kinderen’s values and what really matters to children (The Kinderen Difference). I wanted to respond…When I was young I had Jayden. He started Kinderen at 9 months old, nearly 16 years ago now! Kinderen meant that I could go and study and my baby would be safe and cared for while I tried to better our lives and make something for my own. At the time I never realised the impact this would forever have on our lives and Kinderen played a massive part in moulding the beautiful, bright child that is now nearly a man! Now I have 2 new babies … I never hesitated for a second to call Kinderen when I had to return to work after having Felix, and low and behold, Shona answered the phone! Shona was on the other end of the phone when I called 16 years ago to book Jayden in! When I came back with Felix, I nearly fell over when I saw Judy… all these years later and the same woman work here – Amazing! That in itself speaks volumes to me. The people at Kinderen are like their own family unit, it is obvious that they live their jobs, cherish the children and respect each other. Now that I’m a little older, perhaps even a little wiser, I know exactly what Kinderen means to me. Returning to work I suffered (I’m sure) every mothers anxiety and guilt of ‘abandoning my baby’, but I wasn’t. Not a day went by that Felix wasn’t adored, fed, watered, fresh-aired, clean-nappied, stimulated, read to, sang to, dirtied, un-dirtied, but most importantly HAPPY! The woman at Kinderen have the patience of saints, I’ve never been ‘growled’ for not filling in Felix’s portfolio, or forgetting to sign in – or out, or forgetting his jacket, let alone their patience with the actual children! Nothing is ever a problem, you woman are amazing!

What I wanted to say is THANK YOU! Thank you for spending endless days with Felix, installing your beautiful, important Kinderen values of kindness, sharing and love for others. People really are what matters. I am a little teary-eyed as Felix is about to move up to the big centre, but he will be leaving a super happy, confident, friendly little boy J. Luckily I have a deal for you… here comes Poppy! I know that every day that she spends at Kinderen will be a good day for her too!’

– Claire Marie Tate

‘The transition for my son to start kinderen was an easy journey thanks to the love and support of the kinderen staff. I am so please to have found such an amazing centre where I can relax knowing my son is happy and cared for. ‘

– Elle Belushi

‘Both my children attend Kinderen, they have since before they were a year old. What attracted me to Kinderen, was the high staff to children ratio, the learning fundamentals and it just felt like going to grandma’s house, not some large corporate centre. They receive loving care and support from all the teachers and it has become a second home to them, in which they feel confident and safe. Kinderen always encourage growing relationships and support to the families that attend. We love seeing our children blossom and grow under the love, care and education they receive at Kinderen.‘

– Hannah Payne

‘Kinderen was a very special early childhood education centre for my two children. It’s small and with a low ratio of children per teacher. I have two very different children and the teachers really cared about them, took time to understand them and guided them accordingly. The opportunities for learning outside the centre were awesome and I really love how they’ve expanded on their forest education philosophy in recent years. My children have very fond memories of the farm! Their school teachers have commented on how well prepared they were for primary school – emotionally, socially and educationally.’

– Teresa Gordon

‘Kinderen daycare was an easy choice for our family. Our eldest who is 10 years old went there from the age of 7 weeks old and now our youngest has attended from 5 months old. The centre still has the same values and provides amazing care for the children in a homely environment. We are so happy to be part of the kinderen family!’

– Michele Gray

‘Great Daycare, my eldest two children went here and thrive in the small family centre environment. At baby centre a small ratio which was great when settling in my children same faces. Big centre, great opportunities for older children to explore our community through group excursions. Recommend to anyone who is wanting their child to be cared for and educated in a small loving family like environment with wonderful caring passionate teachers.’

– Rachel Burton

‘Our three beautiful girls are at both centres and thoroughly enjoy every session and look forward to returning. All the staff are wonderful and nothing is ever a problem. Whenever we have needed extra hours we have been taken care of. Even with our girl’s food allergies, nothing has been an issue and we’ve all worked through finding the best solutions for meal times. We are very happy leaving our girls in the fantastic care of all the staff at both centres. Choosing the right daycare for our girls was paramount and we ourselves had been recommended after looking around several centres. As soon as we had our first visit with Miss number 1 we were presently surprised by the family feel that the centre had. When Miss 2 & 3 arrived (at the same time!!), we had no concerns what so ever with their care whilst working part time. So a big thank you to you all, the teachers, admin staff, cooks and cleaners. You do a wonderful job at taking great care of our children and communicating with the parents. I certainly don’t have any problems recommending any of the Kinderen centres to families looking for care of their precious ones. Thanks.’

– Sam

‘I think I knew Kinderen was the place for us when I saw how comfortable Kayden was very early on. He began calling Ali, “Mumma Ali”, which shows just how Kinderen is Kaydens home away from home during the week.’

– Michyla

‘To everyone at Kinderen, Words cannot express how thankful and grateful I am to you (all of you) for the support and care you have shown us the last twelve months. God bless.’

– Mel and Catiēle

‘Our two children both attend Kinderen and it has been an exceptional journey. Kinderen’s warm and caring approach meant the children always feel loved and valued, it is like a home away from home. It is perfect place for little kids and you can feel the love the minute you walk into Kinderen. The team at Kinderen is wonderful, I can feel that it is truly a family environment and that makes it so much easier for me to go to work and leave my little girls for the day. Our daughters love coming to school and learning new things. They dance, sing, cook, make art, go on trips, learn, read, make new friends etc. I am so grateful to find a safe and loving space for my children. Thank you Kinderen.’

– Justyna & Blair Staddon

‘To all the teachers at Kinderen, Thank you so much for all your support and help with Keelan in his early years! His development has been enhanced by your wonderful input. Thank you so much, it really meant a lot to me to know Keelan was very happy with you and talked about going to see you all the time.’

– Ciara, Rodney and Keelan

‘Dear Awesome Kinderen people who have looked after our babies over the last 6 and a half years – we’ve almost had at least one in here constantly for 6 and a half years and it has been a real pleasure. Thank you for being a second home for Felix, Coen, Zoe and Sanna.’

– Ra and Callum

‘Kinderen is our families home away from home.’

– Sarah Kowalewski