Parent Consultation

Kinderen demonstrates a huge commitment to parent consultation through many different avenues. We employ a kanohi ki te kanohi approach to communication, face to face conversations allow us to build on our relationships as well as to pass an important important in a timely manner. We welcome parents to come and talk to us at any time about anything. We also post memos and reminders on the front doors, parent notice boards, on the Storypark community page, on our whānau Facebook page and in individual children’s information pockets.

Facebook Group (Closed)

Kinderen has a private Whānau Facebook Group, parents are invited to join, grandparents and extended family are also welcome (there are some privacy rules to follow and a document to sign regarding these for each person who is added). Photos are posted on the page regularly so you can see what your child is doing while they are at Kinderen (parents can choose not to have photos of their child posted on this page).

Facebook Page (Public)

We also have a public facebook page with updates regarding on-going interests, trips and happening in the centres. This is open to the public so only children with permission will have photos posted to this page as part of the updates.

Kinderen Daycare Centres: