Learning Portfolios

Children’s Portfolios – Records of Learning

Kinderen uses an on-line portfolio system called Storypark. Portfolios belong to each individual child and are storybooks of that child’s learning pathways, interests, and skills as they grow and learn. It records teachers words, often with photos and/or videos, of the activities your child takes part in at Kinderen, it is very interactive and parents are invited and warmly welcomed to record their own stories, photos and videos as well as commenting on the teachers entries.

The parents are in-charge of this portfolio and can invite whoever they wish to read and add to their child’s life stories, it is very easy to use – all that you need is an E-mail address and an interest in what is happening for your child. Kinderen’s Storypark setup also has a community page that everyone who belongs can access; this is a place where we can post memos and reminders.

Once tamariki transition to the Preschool, they begin a hard copy portfolio where they are able to read and reflect upon their learning alongside their kaiako and peers. this is in addition to Storypark