The Little Centre

This caters for children from 0-3 years and is located at 66 Buller street. It is licensed for 21 children. We have an open house policy that supports parents and whānau to visit during the day and feed or spend time with their child as they are able.

Mothers are encouraged to breastfeed if they choose and we specialise in infant and toddler care and development. Our outdoor area provides our younger ones with plants, wild birds, butterflies and bugs to engage and interact with and deepen their learning and understanding of the natural world around them. We have an age appropriate play space that allows children to take safe risks and learn about how to be confident in their abilities, supported by a beautiful team of passionate kaiako – teachers – that know and understand the ins and outs of being working parents, alongside brain and child development. Here, the child sets the routine for the day – our favourite quote is below:



Our nursery works on a consistent care model rather than a primary caregiving system. We have three dedicated nursery teachers who work together to deliver the care for our youngest tamariki including their sleeptimes, bottles, nappies and play.

This helps you as a whānau with a small number of teachers to share your child’s information with for the day and helps your child to build warm and trusting relationships with just a few new faces at first.

We will take the information you share with us about your child’s routines and try to keep things as similar as possible while being flexible during this new transition time for you and your child. We strive to make routine times warm and nurturing and are happy to rock babies to sleep, sing them their favourite song, give their bottle in a darker room – whatever they need to feel secure with us. We believe in a free movement approach where possible so we don’t prop babies in a sitting position before they are able to do so, walk them before they are able to walk or place them in positions where they cannot move themselves unless absolutely necessary. This gives them time to gain the strength, coordination and confidence to take these steps when they are ready.

Overall, the nursery teacher’s main aim is to build a secure and trusting relationship with you and your child and from these relationships learning and growth can blossom.