At Kinderen we do not believe in limiting family’s choices, so we encourage you to bring your child in for whatever hours suit you, there is no minimum requirement for the week or on any given day. We do receive government funding and based on how that works, we offer both hourly and daily fees in both centres. We have WINZ and family discounts available. Come in and talk to us about what your needs are and how we can help you.

What payment covers –

A significantly better than required staff ratio working with your children.

All food and beverages, the staff member required to prepare the menu, purchase and prepare the food and do the clean up.  Meals include:  Breakfast if needed, am and pm tea, cooked lunch or sandwiches and desserts, fresh fruit and vegetables daily.

At Kinderen we allow the whānau/parents to choose the number of hours they would like their children to be Kinderen from 7.30 am to 5.45pm. We have a selection of fixed day rates (gst inclusive) based upon the age and location of your child.

Enrolment fee $45.00 with confirmed bookings.
Bonds: One week of fees in advance before starting.

Family discount: – 10% per child – Family Discount is limited for children that use more than 20 hours per week. See pre-school special conditions.

Extra days/hours can be accepted depending on spaces available. See information booklet

Parents/ whānau or Kinderen Daycare Centres Ltd must give two weeks’ notice in writing of their desire to change their agreement for less current permanent hours.
Work and Income childcare subsidy is available information in office.

Online portfolio—Story Park — We charge a small fee cover teacher release time.

Statutory holidays: Kinderen is closed  See Information booklet on page 7

Sickness: Normal fee will be charged for sickness. See information booklet on page 10.

Holidays: Holding fees discount of 20 %. See information booklet on page 10.

Ask about WINZ childcare subsidy

Kinderen Preschool 2-6 years – 31 Buller
Children under 3 years and those Accessing WINZ funding

We know that pre-school children should be in an education programme, but we feel how many hours should still be up to the parents, but with experience we know that children do settle into an education programme better if they are in 4 hours or more.

If you are looking at less than 4 hours for your child, give Shona call on 027 4351806 for a special price.

Day rate 4 hour – 5.75 hours $59.45 per day
Day rate 6. Hours  $62.20per day
Day rate 6.25 Hours – 7.75 hours $67.75 per day
Day rate 8. Hours – 10 hours $78.95 per day
Capped weekly rate $325.00 per week

Kinderen Preschool ECE 20 hours for 3-6 years

The ECE  20 hours funding we receive from the Ministry of Education pays for the minimum requirements to be met and anything over the minimum should be considered as an optional charge, which parents are required to agree to pay for.
We have calculated our costs over the year and divided it out to a weekly cost. As such, this is an amount that doesn’t change, regardless of whether your child is absent.


At 3 years your child is now eligible for the High Quality ECE 20 hours subsidy.
You can have up to 20 ECE hours per week, 6 hours per day @ $18.00
 $3.00 per hour
Hours over the 20 ECE hours per week is charged out per hour $11.73 per hour
5-day discount applies for 40 hours and over. 
Special conditions: Calculation of booked and fully paid hours

Special conditions

ask at office