Whānau | Family Events

At Kinderen, we love to get together with all our children and their families. This happens regularly throughout the year with ‘Shared Kai (food)’ opportunities both during the day and after work. Shared Kai is usually to celebrate something special, such as Puanga. Sometimes we have a themed kai that follows on from the terms planning e.g. If the children have been learning about Tane Mahuta (guardian of the forest), we might find some forest food to cook! Our tamariki love to bake for events we may have coming up, such as cakes for farewell parties or birthdays.

We also celebrate the whole years learning at Christmas time with a party joining both centres together and sharing a meal together at the end of the day. This is always a lot of fun, with heaps of planning and preparation, the children often enjoy putting on a musical show for their families!